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Top 20 Audience Favourites & Rogers Award Winner

On May 7, the Rogers Audience Award for Best Canadian Documentary, which recognizes the top Canadian feature as determined by audience poll with a cash prize of CAD 50,000, was announced at a free encore screening at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Someone Lives Here (D: Zack Russell | P: Matt King, Andrew Ferguson | Canada) received the prize, courtesy of Rogers Group of Funds.  

Someone Lives Here is available to stream until midnight on May 9. Watch now >>

Hot Docs Audience Awards
At the close of the Festival, it was determined that Lac-Mégantic – This Is Not an Accident placed first in the overall audience poll, winning the Hot Docs Audience Award. The top mid-length film in the audience poll was When Spring Came to Bucha and the top short film was Eco-Hack! 

Both When Spring Came to Bucha and Eco-Hack!, along with several of the top 20 audience favourites are available to stream until midnight on May 9.
  1. Lac-Mégantic – This Is Not an Accident
  2. Someone Lives Here - streaming until May 9
  3. 20 Days in Mariupol - streaming until May 9
  4. The American Gladiators Documentary - streaming until May 9
  5. Silent House - streaming until May 9
  6. Allihopa: The Dalkurd Story - streaming until May 9
  7. Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudović Reels
  8. The Stroll
  9. Angel Applicant - streaming until May 9
  10. Who's Afraid of Nathan Law?
  11. Against the Tide
  12. Seven Winters in Tehran
  13. Eco-Hack! - streaming until May 9
  14. Name Me Lawand
  15. We Will Not Fade Away
  16. The Deepest Breath
  17. Hong Kong Mixtape - streaming until May 9
  18. El Equipo - streaming until May 9
  19. When Spring Came to Bucha - streaming until May 9
  20. Invisible Beauty

Top Films by Program

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