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 Open Cations Icon Showing with open captions. The intro and Q&A on May 1 will include ASL interpretation.

Winner - Special Jury Prize – International Feature Documentary
Top 20 Audience Favourite

For five-year-old Lawand, who was born deaf, the journey to being understood was a complex path with massive hurdles. Facing the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Lawand and his family uproot themselves and make their way to the United Kingdom as refugees, in hope of finding a better life. After he is enrolled in a school for the deaf, we witness Lawand’s process of discovery and communication. A visceral and stunning approach to his story allows us to experience in part how he starts to learn and understand the world around him. Just as he begins to find his community, the threat of deportation arises—another harrowing strain for his family to fight through. Through intimate access at Lawand’s school and his family’s attempts to communicate better with their young son while fighting to stay in their new home, we discover a powerful story of resilience and hope, and a newfound wonder for how to see the world. Gabor Pertic


  • Director(s)

    • Edward Lovelace
  • Producer(s)

    • Fleur Nieddu
    • Sam Arnold
    • Beyan Taher
    • Neil Andrews
    • Marisa Clifford
  • Executive Producer(s)

    • Tim O'Shea
    • Thomas Benski
    • Diene Petterle
    • Lisa Marie Russo
    • Kwesi Dickson
    • Isabel Freer
  • Editor(s)

    • David Charap
    • Shahnaz Dulaimy
    • Michael Nollet
    • David Whitakker
  • Cinematography

    • Ben Fordesman
  • Composer

    • Tom Hodge
  • Sound

    • Ed Downham

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