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Doc Soup

Featuring in-cinema screenings, plus online access, to some of the year's best docs followed by special guest Q&As. Plus, each subscription includes 12 tickets to the 2023 Hot Docs Festival. 

Subscription: $209 ($199 Hot Docs member)
Series runs October 2022 - April 2023
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For Viola

Hot Docs' screening series centering Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)-led stories and filmmakers, named in honour of Canadian civil rights icon Viola Desmond. This series seeks to affirm Hot Docs as a space of inclusion for BIPOC creators and audience members alike. To minimize barriers to audience participation, all screenings in this series are free of charge.
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Watch List: Black Power On Screen

Revel in the revolutionary cultural shift of the 1970s, which featured powerful depictions of Black life and experience as told by Black filmmakers. These titles influenced the life and career trajectory of Elvis Mitchell, who chronicles and celebrates the era in Is That Black Enough for You?!?.
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Oscar®-Nominated Documentary Shorts

Discover this year’s Best Documentary Short Film nominees! This is your annual chance to predict the winners—and have the edge in your Oscar pool.
Series runs Friday, February 24 - Tuesday, March 7
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Family Day at Hot Docs

Family Day fun for the whole family! Youthful space cadets will thrill in the outer-space odyssey of Good Night Oppy, school-age kids will love the classic Space Jam (yes, the one with Michael Jordan!) and adolescents will cheer on the underdog streetball crew from the suburbs of Vancouver in Handle with Care


Series runs Monday, February 20
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Relaxed Screenings

Open to everyone, these screening offers a sensory friendly environment for those in the neuro-diverse community or for anyone who may benefit from a more informal viewing atmosphere.

  • Throughout the screening, house lights will remain on a low level and the volume will be slightly turned down.
  • No trailers will be shown.
  • Audience members will be free to move around, leave the theatre, or take a break in a designated “quiet”
Series runs Returning Soon
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Quiet Time: Mindfulness at the Movies

In an age of chronic distraction, work burnout, and stress, we all need a moment to refresh and decompress. Enter Quiet Time, a new series designed to nurture mindfulness at the movies. 
Series runs Sunday, January 22

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