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Silhouette of person on motorcycle at sunset, from Cutting Through Rocks
Cutting Through Rocks (D: Mohammad Reza Eyni, Sara Khaki)

Promoting inclusion in the documentary space, the CrossCurrents Doc Funds foster storytelling from within groups whose perspectives have been historically underrepresented. 

The mandate of these funds is to help develop understanding and appreciation of unheard voices by encouraging projects that aim to reach not only members within that community but expanded audiences. 

There are two funding streams:

  • CrossCurrents International Doc Fund supports interactive, short and feature-length doc projects by filmmakers from, and telling stories of, underrepresented and marginalized communities around the world. Short/interactive strand supported by the R&M Lang Foundation, which initiated the Fund in 2013; feature-length strand supported by Panicaro Foundation.
  • CrossCurrents Canada Doc Fund supports short and feature-length documentaries from emerging and sophomore Canadian filmmakers who are Indigenous, Francophone, Deaf and/or have a disability, racialized and/or persons of colour. Generously supported by Netflix.
The CrossCurrents International Doc Fund is paused at this time. For other funding or professional development opportunities, please check out

Please note: In 2023, CrossCurrents Canada Doc Fund will not be accepting applications. Instead, please apply to the new Hot Docs Incubator program >>

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