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Screening with Shorts Program 1

Tickets to watch this film can be found on the Shorts Program 1 page.

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A self-authored, modern slideshow depicts the true love story of two transmasculine artists. From first date to first kiss, top surgery to tattoos, meeting the family to making their transcontinental relationship work, this social media feed of selfies, text messages and musical montages documents their spontaneous, intimate and tender union with joy.

Distributor: AV-arkki – The Centre for Finnish Media Art


  • Director(s)

    • Samira Elagoz
    • Z Walsh
  • Producer(s)

    • Samira Elagoz
    • Z Walsh
    • Michael Scerbo
  • Executive Producer(s)

    • Samira Elagoz
  • Editor(s)

    • Samira Elagoz
    • Z Walsh
  • Cinematography

    • Samira Elagoz
    • Z Walsh
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