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Hannu, a Finnish pensioner devoted to saving the Eurasian lynx from extinction, becomes so immersed in the animals he tracks, photographs and leaves markings for that he finds himself becoming one of them. A bold experiment in projection that dispenses with the narrative structure and anthropomorphism typical of wildlife documentaries, Lynx Man connects the endangerment of the lynx and the forests to the critical need for humans to rediscover their own wildness and fragility. Hannu speaks directly to the lynx through the camera, casting himself as one and reorienting the viewer’s gaze. We are given bits and pieces of information, footage without context, and trail camera clips triggered by motion detection rather than direction. As a result, we gain a deeper understanding of both humans and animals through direct identification rather than interaction. When we regard animals as ourselves, as fellow travellers, what we don't see becomes as important as what we do see. Angie Driscoll

Together with Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, Lynx Man is aiming to buy a forest to protect the lynx. Learn more & donate >>

Lynx Man is streaming online May 5-9. Streaming only available in Canada. Entities of Knowledge will not be available for streaming.


  • Director(s)

    • Juha Suonpää
  • Producer(s)

    • Pasi Hakkio
    • Niina Virtanen
  • Co-Producer(s)

    • Liis Nimik
  • Writer(s)

    • Hanna Kaihlanen
    • Juha Suonpää
  • Editor(s)

    • Tuuli Kuittinen
    • Hanna Kaihlanen
  • Cinematography

    • Alexander Markus Lembke
    • Juha Suonpää
  • Composer

    • Puuluup
    • Kimmo Helén
    • Tanel Kadalipp
  • Sound

    • Tanel Kadalipp
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