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Famous at 18, on the cover of Time magazine by age 21, and dubbed the “Queen of Folk,” by the early 1960s, Joan Baez was far bigger than any folk singer who had come before her. She became the icon of a new generation of musicians, from Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. But it was her political passion as much as her prodigious talent that made her a legend. Long before “celebrity activism” was cool, Baez used her influence and commitment to non-violence to relieve suffering and fight injustice. For Baez, the personal is always political.

Joan Baez I Am a Noise is an unusually intimate psychological portrait of the legendary singer and activist. Anchored in her extraordinary archive, including newly discovered home movies, diaries, artwork and audio recordings, Baez is remarkably revealing about her life both on- and off-stage—from lifelong emotional struggles to her civil rights work with Martin Luther King and a heartbreaking romance with a young Bob Dylan. A searingly honest look at a living legend, the film is a deeply personal exploration of an iconic artist who has never told the full truth of her life until now.


  • Director(s)

    • Karen O'Connor
    • Miri Navasky
    • Maeve O'Boyle
  • Producer(s)

    • Miri Navasky
    • Karen O'Connor
  • Executive Producer(s)

    • Greg Sarris
    • Patti Smith
    • Josh Braun
    • Terry Press
    • Ben Braun
  • Editor(s)

    • Maeve O'Boyle
  • Cinematography

    • Tim Grucza
    • Wolfgang Held
    • Ben McCoy
  • Composer

    • Sarah Lynch
  • Music

    • Chris Robertston
  • Sound

    • Dean Murray
    • Jason Pawlak
    • Steve Roseboom
  • Animation

    • Eat the Danger
  • Graphic Design

    • Conor O'Boyle

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