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Controversial economist, whistleblower and politician Yanis Varoufakis, who famously resigned from his post as Greece's minister of finance in 2015 rather than sign a fraudulent bail-out deal for his impoverished country, anchors this must-see six-part series. One of the foremost political figures of our time, he reflects on debt, austerity and his battle against the European establishment during Greece's debt crisis. In a master class in economics and oratory, Varoufakis raises urgent questions and contradictions about where our civilization is headed and how power works at the highest levels, and connects economic failure, globalization, democracy, fascism and climate crisis. A treasure trove of information and insights, Varoufakis reprograms the audience's acceptance of capitalism as the natural order of things and its fallout (xenophobia, bankers in political power, profits over people), reiterating again and again that economics is not a science but an ideology and a political agenda. Educational, entertaining and essential viewing. Angie Driscoll


  • Director(s)

    • Raoul Martinez
  • Producer(s)

    • Amir Amirani
    • Raoul Martinez
  • Executive Producer(s)

    • Erik Felderhof
    • Mark Mahmoudi
    • Waël Kabbani
    • Amir Amirani
    • Sol Tyron
  • Writer(s)

    • Raoul Martinez
  • Editor(s)

    • Raoul Martinez
  • Cinematography

    • Mike Robinson
    • Ben Richards
  • Sound

    • Mike Robinson
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