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Over the past 25 years, Naomi Klein has charted and documented our politics and culture with a series of trenchant bestselling books laying bare the effects of branding, austerity and climate profiteering on our societies and souls.

In this exclusive Toronto premiere, the award-winning author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and This Changes Everything takes the Hot Docs stage to discuss her new book, Doppelganger, an essential analysis of our political and cultural moment and the distorted ‘Mirror World' of identity on the internet.

Beginning with the story of her own doppelganger—a fellow author and public intellectual whose views are antithetical to Klein’s own, but whose name and public persona are sufficiently similar that many people have confused the two over the years—Klein dives deep into a digital landscape rife with doubles and confusion.

In the Mirror World, far right movements play-act solidarity with the working class, AI-generated content blurs the line between genuine and spurious, and so many of us project our own carefully curated digital doubles out into the social media sphere.

Braiding together elements of tragicomic memoir, chilling political reportage and cobweb-clearing cultural analysis, this gifted journalist and social critic has crafted a richly nuanced intellectual adventure and a revelatory treatment of the way many of us think and feel now.

Be the first to experience one of the most timely and mind-expanding books of the year.


Moderated by award-winning writer and speaker Jesse Wente, founding director of the Indigenous Screen Office and Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Promotional Partner: Toronto Writers' Centre

Tickets: $21 ground floor - stage view, $18 balcony - screen view | Members save! Under 25? Get your FREE Bronze membership.

We encourage everyone attending to wear a mask and will have masks available on site.

Add a book to your ticket order now, or limited quantities Doppelganger will also be available for purchase at the event. Book sales managed by TYPE Books.

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