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Wednesdays, September 27 - November 8, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM | REGISTER

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The Rolling Stones have well earned their legendary status after giving the world over sixty years of top-notch rock and roll.

In this six-lecture series, musicologist, historian and Curious Minds favourite Dr. Mike Daley (The Beatles and Their World, The Toronto Sound, Bob Dylan: Words and Music) breaks down the electrifying story of a group widely considered “The World’s Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band,” tracking their musical changes and innovations.

As we follow the Stones’ journey from the early days of the British Invasion to concert tour juggernauts and rock music institutions, we’ll observe the development of their unique sound, survey their legendary excesses and confront the many obstacles that they had to overcome – including deaths, addictions and changing musical styles—to cement their place in history.

We’ll explore the thrilling rise—and enduring legacy—of one of the world’s most exciting and influential bands.

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September 27; Time Is On My Side (1961-1965)

The Rolling Stones came together as a group of young British rhythm and blues enthusiasts, seeking to replicate the American records that they adored. By 1963, they were a recording act in increasingly high demand, brilliantly marketed as a grittier alternative to the Beatles. We’ll kick off our series by examining the slow ascent that would culminate in their massive hit single of 1965, “Satisfaction.”

October 4: Sympathy For The Devil (1965-1969)

Building on their new transatlantic popularity, The Rolling Stones released a series of hit albums and singles that placed them in the top ranks of rock bands. After an ill-advised detour into psychedelia they unveiled a tough new sound even as they began to be plagued by drug busts and substance abuse.

October 11: Sticky Fingers (1969-1973)

As their friendly rivals The Beatles faded into history, the Stones ascended to the rock stratosphere. Their creativity at a peak, they released a series of classic albums that form the basis of their reputation even today.

October 25: It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (1974-1978)

With new guitarist Ron Wood, The Rolling Stones continued to navigate changing musical styles in the '70s culminating in their disco-flavoured hit single, “Miss You.”

November 1: Start Me Up (1979-1994)

Though their greatest chart successes were already behind them, The Rolling Stones became a profitable touring juggernaut in the '80s and '90s. Yet the group would splinter during this time, almost breaking up at one point.

November 8: No Filter (1995-2023)

Today, the Rolling Stones are a beloved global brand, with tours and merchandising feeding a multi-million-dollar industry. Even after the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2021, the core group soldiers on, standard-bearers of classic rock 62 years after their formation. We’ll close our series by surveying their musical and pop-cultural legacy. How will history remember The Rolling Stones?


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