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At Hot Docs Cinema & on Hot Docs at Home

  • Do screenings have captioned content?

    At Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema and on Hot Docs at Home, we are pleased to offer select screenings with subtitles and open and closed captions for the hard of hearing. Screenings with captions are indicated on the film pages.

    On Hot Docs at Home, closed captions can be turned on or off while streaming the film. To turn them on, select English (CC) in the subtitle window at the bottom right corner of the video player.

    In-person screenings at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema offer Captiview devices for personal viewing of closed captioned content. In order for closed captions or descriptive sound to be available, the prints that we receive from distributors must have been formatted as such.

    Please note that the equipment is subject to availability and you may be asked to leave a form of ID to ensure the safe return of the equipment.

  • Is the cinema wheelchair accessible?

    Yes! Hot Docs is committed to providing accessible environments, and made this a priority for our recent renovations. There is designated wheelchair seating in the cinema and a washroom on the main floor. Please let our friendly staff know if we can do anything else to help make sure you have a great experience at the movies.

  • Do you accept Access-2-Entertainment Cards?

    Yes. With the card, a patron can receive a complimentary ticket in addition to their regular-priced ticket for their companion.

  • Is the Cinema scent free?

    Your fellow patrons may have allergies and/or chemical sensitivities. Please be considerate by avoiding perfume, cologne and other scented products.

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