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Live Q&A at the cinema
Photo by Gabriel Li
Throughout the school year, Docs For Schools offers special screenings at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. These events feature special guests, such as filmmakers or subject matter experts, and cover a variety of topics.Questions? CONTACT Elspeth Arbow

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Screening // Draw Me Egypt - Doaa El-Adl, A Stroke of Freedom

When: October 5, 10:00 AM
Where: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema (506 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON)

Content AdvisoryThis film contains detailed descriptions of physical violence, including sexual assault.
Please note: This screening is open for Grades 9-12.

Booking is now open! There are a limited number of seats available, so please only register when you know you will be able to come. A waitlist will be available when the event is full.


D: Nada Riyadh | Belgium | 2023 | 50 min | Arabic with English subtitles
Presented in partnership with Human Rights Watch

As the first woman to win the prestigious Journalistic Distinction in Caricature, Doaa el-Adl is a force for change in the male-dominated world of Egyptian political cartoonists. A rebellious critic of patriarchy, she faces daily critique, censorship, intimidation, and death threats for her art. Egyptian director Nada Riyadh brings el-Adl‘s most famous works to life in a creative and exciting mix of documentary, cartoon, and animation. A vibrant and courageous exposé of violence against women that pushes the boundaries of freedom of expression in an often restrictive society, el-Adl uses her talent to advocate for the rights of women, and to inspire and change society.

Discussion to follow with Balkees Jarrah, Associate Director, International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch and Elise Keppler, Associate International Justice Director and Associate General Counsel at Human Rights Watch.

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Past Events

Screening on March 9: BANGLA SURF GIRLS
D: Elizabeth D. Costa | Bangladesh | 2021 | 86 min
Presented in partnership with Human Rights Watch

Official Selection, Hot Docs Festival 2021

Shobe, Aisha, and Suma, three teens from Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, are poised to make history as Bangladesh’s first women surfers in an international competition. Driven to succeed and guided by their devoted coach, the girls find freedom in the waves as surfing becomes their only ticket out of poverty and the way for them to determine their own futures against the backdrop of stifling families and oppressive community judgment. After their coach makes the decision to leave the club, the financial support for their surfing dries up and the odds of achieving their dreams seem insurmountable. A powerful coming-of-age story and tale of resistance by Bangladeshi filmmaker Elizabeth D. Costa, Bangla Surf Girls will have you cheering for every wave and hurdle these young women overcome. Includes a Q&A featuring writer/producer Lalita Krishna and Regina Tames, Deputy Director, Women’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch.

Screening on February 28: BLACK ICE
D: Hubert Davis | Canada | 2022 | 97 min
At its core, Canada has been defined by the sport of hockey - our national pride, and our greatest love, but also a vivid illustration of our most severe shortcomings, and deepest inequality. BLACK ICE explores the intersection of sport and society, and attempts to uncover and breakdown the systemic issues that lie at the core of the game. Told through the eyes of past, present, and future generations of Black hockey players we explore the origins of their dreams on the ice, and their attempts to love a game that has not always loved them back.

Screening on January 31 and February 14: GOOD NIGHT OPPY
D: Ryan White | USA | 2022 | 105 min
In 2003, NASA launched twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, towards Mars with the goal of analyzing the rocks and soil for evidence of water. The rovers were designed to last 90 days on the dusty planet’s surface. Well, let’s just say the mission lasted a little longer than expected… This uplifting doc shows Mars as you’ve never seen it before and gives a glimpse into the teamwork and problem solving behind the mission that shaped a generation. Includes a live Q&A with the Canadian Space Agency's Tim Haltigin.

D: Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, Kirk Thomas | Canada | 2021 | 86 min | Screening with closed captions

Official Selection, Hot Docs Festival 2022
Streetball is as much about attitude and self-expression as it is about dropping buckets. During an NBA-sponsored outdoor tournament in 2001, an exceptional group of racially diverse teens from Vancouver's suburbs caught a lot of attention with their individual skills and undeniable swagger. Their approach to the game set them at odds with coaches and rigid team structures. For those who didn't witness their abilities in person, VHS mixtapes circulated, bringing them global attention in the early aughts. Two decades later, the two white teens who shot and distributed those original cassettes get the crew back together and take a hard look at the issues of race, trauma and rejection that set the group against the status quo. Archival footage of their jaw-dropping moves is as impressive as ever, but it's the contemporary look back at the power dynamics, prejudice and outsider perspective that really provide unflinching honesty and openness, giving the Notic crew the props they deserve. Includes a Q&A with filmmaker Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and other special guests.

Screening on October 27: THE WORKERS CUP
D: Adam Sobel | UK | 2017 | 92 min 
Presented in partnership with Human Rights Watch

With unprecedented access to FIFA's 2022 World Cup stadium construction sites and labour camps in Qatar, The Workers Cup follows one group of men from among the 1.6 million migrant workers preparing for the world’s largest sporting event. In the shadows of the controversial building sites, the men enthusiastically train to compete in a football tournament of their own: The Workers Cup. Exposing long work hours for scant salaries, limited freedom of movement, and harsh living conditions in isolated labour camps, this documentary explores universal themes of ambition, aspiration, sport, and masculinity, as the protagonists wrangle hope, meaning, and opportunity out of their extremely precarious circumstances. Includes a Q&A featuring Sportsnet journalist Donnovan Bennett and Michael Page, Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa Division, Human Rights Watch.

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