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Canadian Filmmakers

Explore this collection celebrating the broad spectrum of storytelling from Canadian filmmakers, from introspective looks on their own family, to cults, punks and troubadours.  

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Series runs Until December 31

a man with a guitar singing to a group of women

Chairman George

In Ottawa, he’s a statistician. In China, he’s Elvis. Armed only with his bouzouki and guitar, the troubadour becomes a superstar in China. As the only Greek who can sing in Chinese (according to George), he makes it his mission to perform at the Closing Ceremonies of the Athens Olympic Games, as the torch is passed from Athens to Beijing.  
  • D: Mila Aung-Thwin & Daniel Cross
  • Canada
  • 2005
  • 72 min
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a woman posing for a photo with two children


This autobiographical film is a heartbreaking chronicle of a family struggling with rootlessness and mental illness. When she learns that her brother Juan has returned to Quebec after spending some time in their birthplace, Mexico, Karina Garcia Casanova decides to film him.  

  • D: Karina Garcia Casanova
  • Canada
  • 2014
  • 78 min  
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a man with a moustache and long hair looking at the camera


Convinced that her father holds a key piece of the puzzle, she sets out to find the truth about him, and discovers a man known alternately as a cult leader, scam artist, prophet and father of 15.  
  • D: Kalina Bertin
  • Canada
  • 2017
  • 84 min
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a man with a backwards cap and a squeegee

S.P.I.T: Squeegee Punks in Traffic

Follow Roach, a young man who earns money by cleaning car windshields and has been living on the streets since age 14. With video camera in hand, he documents his world as a squeegee kid, refusing to conform and interrogating the police’s ability to target and arrest them.  
  • D: Daniel Cross
  • Canada
  • 2001
  • 80 min
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