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Pairing select Festival films with an engaging discussions to further explore the topics introduced in the films.Led by experts, chefs and entrepreneurs who offer personal insight and expertise, this online twist on our Food & Film series invites audiences to "dig deeper" with us on all things food. Curious Minds at Hot Docs Festival sessions are free. 

The videos will be available on this page from April 28 to May 8.

Chef by Nature: The Foraging Movement

Film Pairings: Nordic Bridges 2022

The time-honoured tradition of foraging is gaining momentum and popularity among foodies and casual consumers alike. Everyday food enthusiasts are becoming increasingly inspired to reconnect with the land around them, as we face daily reminders of the supply chain issues, sky-high price increases, and chemical contaminants plaguing our international food supply. Join Chef Shawn Adler for a discussion on the wild food movement covering everything from Nordic influences to Anishinaabe teachings in Canada. Learn how to safely begin foraging for your own pantry and watch as Chef Adler shares and prepares his own culinary masterpiece using freshly foraged ingredients that you can try at home.

Recipe & Foraging Tips

Led by Chef Shawn Adler, Chef and Owner of Pow Wow Café in Toronto, and the Flying Chestnut Kitchen in Eugenia.

This event was made possible as part of NORDIC BRIDGES 2022 in collaboration with Harbourfront Centre, Toronto 

(In)Security: Building Food Sustainability in Crisis

Film Pairing: We Feed People

Whether facing the aftermath of a tsunami in Thailand, or the supply chain crises of COVID-19, emergency relief and rebuilding in the wake of a disaster always looks different. But, one thing remains consistent: people will need to eat. From efficient relief in emergency situations to sustainable plans that increase food security, food sovereignty and sustainable food distribution are a growing focus overseas, and in Canada. One in five households in Toronto face inadequate access to food, resulting in a vital need for better infrastructure around food security and long-term support for families. Paul Taylor of FoodShare and Chef Jagger Gordon of Feed It Forward⁠—two highly acclaimed entrepreneurs leading the fight against food insecurity⁠—sit down for a conversation about emergency food relief in Canada and beyond. They will describe their collaborations with local organizations, discuss current issues facing Ontario residents, and reflect on future policies and food security in Canda and around the world.

Panelists include Paul Taylor, Executive Director of FoodShare, and Chef Jagger Gordon, Executive Chef and CEO of Feed It Forward

  • Paul Taylor, Executive Director, FoodShare
    Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor is the executive director of FoodShare Toronto, a lifelong anti-poverty activist and a champion for the right to food. He teaches at Simon Fraser University, is a regular political commentator on CTV and authors op-eds and columns that push for equity and social change. Paul has been named one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40, one of Toronto Life’s 50 Most Influential Torontonians and voted Best Activist by readers of NOW Magazine. 

    Paul Taylor  
    Instagram: @paultaylorto  
    Twitter: @PaulTaylorTO

    Instagram: @foodshareto
    Linktree: @foodshareTO

  • Chef Jagger Gordon, Executive Chef and CEO, Feed It Forward
    Jagger Gordon
    In June of 2016, driven by his creativity and passion for eliminating food waste and the hunger crisis in Canada, Chef Jagger Gordon started Feed It Forward, a Not-For-Profit that works to improve the lives of millions of Canadians.  He has been awarded The Canada’s Legacy Award, Volunteer of Canada Award, The Federal Community Leadership Award, Urban Legend Award, and Entrepreneur of the year 2020. He is the author of three international best-selling books, the Editor-In-Chief of Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, and the creator of Feed the that provides college, university students and food insecure citizens access to healthy fresh and frozen meals, delivered to their doorsteps for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

    Instagram: @chefjaggergordon
    Twitter: @Jagger_Gordon

    Feed It Forward Website:
    Instagram: @feeditforwardofficial
  • Pratishtha Kohli, Moderator, Hot Docs
    Pratishtha Kohli
  • Additional Resources
    World Central Kitchen
    Twitter: @WCKitchen 

    Proof Food Insecurity Policy Research

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