Broadway - Black Sea

Broadway - Black Sea

  • Czech Republic, Germany, Russia
  • 78
  • STC
  • Vitalij Manskij

Beach culture can be found in countries as diverse as India, Australia, Brazil and the United States. Whether it’s Coney Island, New York; Wasaga, Ontario; or Broadway, Russia the scene has many telling similarities. Dating rituals remain the same, as does the cheap food and the tacky disposable merchandise for sale. Director Vitalij Manskij, who brought his remarkable Private Chronicles, Monologue to Hot Docs 2000, returns with a very pointed view on the beach culture in his native Russia. Every summer, fun-seekers and seasonal workers from Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan flock to a vacation spot by the Black Sea called Broadway. Some work as shopkeepers, lifeguards and karaoke singers while others play in the carnival sideshows, dance or get drunk. Manskij’s camera stays pointed on the unique elements of his beach: pregnant women wading in the sea, a motorway-cruising camel chewing its cud, and most remarkably, a very strange monkey named Philomene whose relationship to its master is quite perverse and nearly sexual. Marc Glassman.

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