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A Bookshelf on Top of the Sky

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  • Claudia Heuermann

Over the last two decades, composer and saxophone player John Zorn has become a cult figure in the modern music world. His work straddles three areas: jazz, klezmer and avant-garde performance. He first rose to prominence in the jazz scene, making a name for himself as a hipster and virtuoso in the days when punk and new wave were overwhelming the New York scene. As a klezmer musician, his work is seminal; he has invigorated a style of Yiddish folk/improvisational music that had been thought to be dead. And as a composer, his work has been compared to Ornette Coleman and Carl Stallings. Filmmaker Claudia Heuermann delves into Zorn’s world of fascinating and radical ideas, depicting a journey that changed Heuermanns life. This film is an examination of an atypical relationship between a documentary fan and a prominent musician. Marc Glassman.

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