Bonanza (Endangered Species)

Bonanza (Endangered Species)

  • Argentina
  • 84
  • STC
  • Ulises Rosell

Bonanza Muchinsci is a former bank robber, a junk collector, an adventurer, and a poacher of snakes, birds and other animals indigenous to the Argentinean countryside. He lives just 40 minutes outside Buenos Aires with his daughter and son in his own private junkyard empire where he cooks for his family and tells tall tales about his former life of crime and the riches he once had. These stories are in sharp contrast to current reality. He and his children live hand to mouth, selling used car parts and the animals they capture to make money. They live in a dilapidated house, bathe from a hose, swim in a ditch and burn tires for fun. Despite these circumstances, they are happy. Bonanaza melds the economic realities many Argentineans are currently facing with the sense of pride historically associated with the Argentine people. The results are quite delightful. Shannon Abel.

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