Biggie and Tupac

Biggie and Tupac

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  • Nick Broomfield

Biggie and Tupac uncovers astonishing details about the mysterious and unresolved murder cases of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, the Notorious B.I.G.). An in-depth investigation brings to light the possibility of police cover-ups and corruption, making the lack of official detective work on these cases all the more shocking. To get to the heart of the alleged feud between Biggie and Tupac, Broomfield interviews ex-bodyguards, ex-cops who worked on the case, friends and family, including Biggies charismatic mom who campaigns to bring her sons killers to justice. Broomfield also explores the theory a variation on the one put forth in Randall Sullivans book Labyrinth that Biggie and Tupac were both murdered at the behest of Marion Suge Knight, the fearsome entrepreneur of Death Row Records. To back up this incendiary claim, Broomfield boldly ventures into a series of confrontational and potentially dangerous locations, including the prison where Knight is incarcerated, to expose the truth behind the conflict-ridden music industry. Shannon Abel

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