Beaver Trilogy Part IV

Beaver Trilogy Part IV

  • USA
  • 86
  • PG
  • Brad Besser
  • Brad Besser
  • Kelly Williams (Producer)
  • Don Swaynos (Producer)
  • Jonathan Duffy (Producer)
  • Daniel Billups (Cinematographer)
  • Brad Besser (Editor)
  • Brad Besser (Writer)
  • Steven Aguilar (Sound)

In Beaver Trilogy IV, filmmaker Brad Besser sets out to examine the story behind the underground cult classic The Beaver Trilogy. Made in three installments, this fascinating saga began 35 years ago in a parking lot outside a public TV station in Beaver, Utah. Filmmaker Trent Harris (Plan 10 from Outer Space, Rubin and Ed) met and videotaped Dick Griffiths, a young man who charmingly offered funny impersonations while showing off his souped-up car. Griffiths takes Harris around Beaver as he gets his hair and makeup done at the local mortuary and dresses in drag as “Olivia Newton-Don” for the local talent show he organizes. Fascinated by Griffiths, Harris goes on to make not only a documentary but two fictional accounts of the same story, the first starring a then-unknown Sean Penn and the second a young Crispin Glover. But what happened to these two enigmatic men since that fateful encounter, and how to get them together for Part IV, is Besser’s challenge—because the end of the Trilogy isn’t the end of the story. What was “truth” in the story of Dick Griffiths a.k.a. Groovin’ Gary and The Beaver Kid? Kathleen Mullen

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