Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

  • Israel
  • 82
  • STC

A devoted Tel Aviv beach bum, Ronny Sagmann may be the most laid-back dude portrayed on film since Jeff Lebowski. That would put him high on the list of most laid-back person of all-time. His solution to suicide bombings: “Why doesn’t everybody go naked?” For 30 years the avant-garde artist Honi Homeagel filmed his buddies, Ronny among them, hanging out at the beach, hustling women, chatting up tourists, seeming to defy time. They arrive daily, to the same spot on the beach, as if it were a religious ritual. Impressionistically edited into a drifting montage of fevered masculinity, surf sagedom and endless summer, The Beach Boys is utterly engrossing, in a chilled out sort of way. Yet, the accumulation of these little moments of lives lived with sand between the toes (and elsewhere) does congeal into a surprisingly revelatory portrait of the complexities of the Israeli reality, inescapable even at the beach. Sean Farnel

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