Battle of Chile

The Battle of Chile

  • Chile, Cuba, France
  • 293
  • 14A
  • Patricio Guzmán
  • Patricio Guzmán
  • Chris Marker (Producer)
  • Federico Elton (Producer)
  • Jorge Müller Silva (Cinematographer)
  • Pedro Chaskel (Editor)
  • Jose Bartolome (Writer)
  • Pedro Chaskel (Writer)
  • Federico Elton (Writer)
  • Julio García Espinosa (Writer)
  • Patricio Guzmán (Writer)
  • Jacinto Falcón (Sound)
  • Carlos Fernández (Sound)
  • Bernardo Menz (Sound)

Called “one of the 10 best political documentary films in the world” by Cineaste Magazine, The Battle for Chile will be shown in its entirety at the Festival. With a small four-person team, Patricio Guzmán began filming Chile’s popular revolution and eventual coup d’état, filming until the very last day of the coup. Structured into three parts with each showing events from different perspectives, The Battle for Chile is a vital historic document. Tracing the fall of Salvador Allende’s government from the first failed coup d’état in 1973 to the military assault on the presidential palace, the film shines a light on the incredible resilience of the people’s movement as they came together to defend Allende’s vision. The Battle for Chile is an astonishing cinematic work that simultaneously documents a pivotal moment in Chilean history, while capturing the voices and spirit of the country’s people. Charlotte Cook

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