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Remember when running away to join the circus seemed like the ultimate escape? What do you do when you’re already in the circus? Babooska, an enigmatic and beautiful young woman, has been a performer in her family’s circus since she was a young girl. In this richly photographed and delicately observed film, we follow Babooska and her family over the course of a year as they travel to remote areas of Italy to perform. The day-to-day grind of set-up and tear-down, the experience of always being an outsider and the accompanying feelings of isolation and alienation are far from the excitement and adventure that we, as children, imagined circus life to be. But it is these qualities that make Babooska so fascinating and profound. There is a quiet drama at play. As Babooska toils at her craft, her relationship with her much younger sister is brought into sharp focus, and we can’t help but wonder how Babooska feels about drawing another generation into this nomadic life. Babooska is an engrossing look at life on the margins. Shannon Abel

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