The Auctioneer

  • Canada
  • 58
  • PG
  • Hans Olson
  • Bonnie Thompson (Producer)
  • Mike McLaughlin (Cinematographer)
  • Dev Singh (Editor)
  • Clark Banack (Writer)

Going once … going twice … gone. The familiar refrain gains new meaning as Dale Menzak helps families part with century-old farms. As an auctioneer, he sells off bits and pieces of agricultural life, a symbol of rural culture facing obsolescence if ever there was one. But if that’s not a big enough metaphor, he’s also the local funeral director. Main Street parades and the local Chinese restaurant provide a bucolic context for Hans Olson’s prairie portrait. Having grown up in rural Alberta, Olson has an implicit understanding of his subject matter, but resists waxing nostalgic by maintaining the critical distance of a seasoned filmmaker. The reward is a keenly observed world of small town friendliness, and a profession and community rapidly being replaced by EBay and Facebook, all framed by breathtaking endless skies and tilled fields that once formed a pastoral patchwork quilt.

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