Around the World in 50 Concerts

Around the World in 50 Concerts

  • Netherlands
  • 94
  • G
  • Heddy Honigmann
  • Heddy Honigmann
  • Carmen Cobos (Producer)
  • Kees Rijninks (Producer)
  • Goert Giltay (Cinematographer)
  • Danniel Danniel (Editor)
  • Piort van Dijk (Sound)

One of the longest-running and most esteemed orchestras on Earth, the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra decided to celebrate its 125th anniversary by touring the world, playing 50 concerts spread over 6 continents. Acclaimed documentary maker Heddy Honigmann followed the orchestra from Buenos Aires to Soweto to St. Petersburg—capturing the drive and unbounded passion that has continued to draw audiences and performers together for more than a century. A keen observer of details, Honingmann selects moments that make the ambitious tour both accessible and entertaining, even to those unfamiliar with the work. Her masterful selection of moments that collectively make up such an expansive and culturally diverse tour reinforces the same message of the tour itself: there is an innate emotional understanding that can exist beyond borders through art. Around the World in 50 Concerts is a joyful exploration of how we can communicate through it. Sarafina DiFelice

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