Arms Drop

The Arms Drop

  • Denmark
  • 94
  • PG
  • Andreas Koefoed
  • Andreas Koefoed
  • Miriam Nørgaard (Producer)
  • Manuel Alberto Claro (Cinematographer)
  • Niels Thastum (Cinematographer)
  • Adam Nielsen (Editor)
  • Tobias Lindholm (Writer)
  • Andreas Koefoed (Writer)
  • Peter Albrechtsen (Sound)
  • Martin Hennel (Sound)

In 1995, British arms dealer Peter Bleach was stitched up. Hired by young, idealistic Dane Niels Holck, Bleach began arranging a fateful arms drop in turbulent West Bengal. Sensing trouble, Bleach became an MI5 informant and architect of the plan to set up the terrorist mastermind Holck. But when the deal went sour, Bleach faced death by hanging in an Indian prison, while Holck returned safely to Denmark. Fifteen years later, the tables have turned. Having fought a hard-won, high profile release from the now-infamous “Purulia Case,” Bleach is out for revenge. Holck, who had been assured security by the Danish government, now faces extradition back to India. In this polished political thriller, award-winning filmmaker Andreas Koefoed (Ballroom Dancer) skillfully follows Bleach in his hunt for those who double-crossed him. But when he unexpectedly comes face to face with the man who started it all, far more shocking results ensue. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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