Another Night on Earth

Another Night on Earth

  • Spain
  • 52
  • PG
  • David Muñoz
  • David Muñoz (Producer)
  • David Muñoz (Cinematographer)
  • David Muñoz (Editor)

It’s late at night in Cairo and the city is buzzing with traffic in this, one of the most congested cities in the world.

Woman: They have ruined the revolution.
Driver: The revolution doesn’t exist. Revolution means change at every level, but we’re doing the same as before, or even worse. The only change is that when a problem comes up, first we kill each other and then the police come.
The man behind the wheel is one of 12 taxi drivers whose conversations with unsuspecting passengers were recorded by director David Munoz soon after Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power. This revealing portrait captures everyday citizens of Egypt as they work to make ends meet and casually ponder their past, present and hopes for the future at a time of enormous change.

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