And Along Came a Spider

And Along Came a Spider

  • Iran
  • 53
  • STC
  • Maziar Bahari

Iranian press called the serial murder of 16 prostitutes ‘spider killings’ because the victims were drawn like flies into the murderer’s web. When arrested, the killer, Saeed Hanei, claimed his actions were in accordance with Islamic law, a statement that calls into question the role of religion in the Republic of Iran. Moving back and forth between interviews with Hanei’s son and the daughter of one of his victims, the film demonstrates that a chilly lack of sympathy for humanity’s foibles is a basic flaw of fundamentalism. A statement from an Iranian prostitute that she could get a trick every five minutes is never disputed, but neither is the official disapproval and anger directed by the authorities against Hanei. This is one Islamist who went too far. Marc Glassman.

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