American Fugitive: The Truth about Hassan

American Fugitive: The Truth about Hassan

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David Belfield, also known as Hassan Abdulrahman, is on the FBI’s most wanted list for the 1980 killing of an Iranian diplomat. Acclaimed filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond interviews Belfield, who has been living as a fugitive in Iran for the past 25 years. Belfield is an African-American whose hatred for the U.S. government began during the Black Power movement and the rise of Islam in the 1970s. He speaks about what drove him to commit murder in the name of a revolution and the personal consequences of his actions. We learn about the effect of the assassination on the victim’s family, as well as Belfield’s own. His story exposes a theory that following the overthrow of the Shah of Iran’s regime, the Carter and Reagan administrations secretly dealt with the Iranian government. So is Belfield a terrorist or merely a pawn used by both sides in the US/Iran conflict? Lafond has expertly crafted a riveting documentary that explores a web of international intrigue and state-sponsored violence behind an American fugitive. Hubert Davis

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