Algeria - The Nameless War

Algeria - The Nameless War

  • Sweden
  • 85
  • STC
  • Agnieszka Lukasiak

Polish-Swedish filmmaker Agnieszka Lukasiak is young, edgy, brave and doubtless foolhardy. When she fell in love with Habib, a westernized Algerian man, it seemed she had a direction for her life. She quickly discovered that Algerian families are traditional, and a marriage to a northern European hardly fit into Habib’s parents plans. Returning to Algeria anyway, with camera crew in tow, Lukasiak decided to document her romantic life amidst the brutal civil conflict thats been raging in Algeria for a decade. Traveling from Algiers to Oran, she discovered that homosexuals, liberated intellectual females, and even sophisticated Euro-centric Algerian men are targeted for execution by the fundamentalist GIA Islamic revolutionary group and, perhaps, even by the government. Marc Glassman.

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