Above and Below

Above and Below

  • Switzerland, Germany
  • 118
  • PG
  • Nicolas Steiner
  • Nicolas Steiner
  • Helge Albers (Producer)
  • Brigitte Hofer (Producer)
  • Cornelia Seitler (Producer)
  • Markus Nestroy (Cinematographer)
  • Kaya Inan (Editor)
  • John Gürtler (Music)
  • Jan Miserre (Music)
  • Tobias Koch (Sound)

Observe the world at certain angles and it can look absolutely apocalyptic. The underground tunnels beneath the Sin City strip. The barren, dry deserts of California. The crimson rocks of Utah. These are places that do not hold much life, but if you look closely, a few inhabitants begin to appear. Seeking refuge in the unseen and unknown, these people do not see themselves as belonging to our conventional world. Using stunning visuals, director Nicholas Steiner weaves together portraits of these isolated individuals in some of the most remote landscapes of America. Interconnecting stories of people lurking in flood channels, telegraphing out to God in the desert using empty beer bottles and simulating a Mars landscape on Earth—these are the lonely voyagers of our planet looking around, beneath and beyond. Gabor Pertic

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