20 Seconds of Joy

20 Seconds of Joy

  • Germany
  • 60
  • STC

“BASE jumping kills people very quick,” says Jeb Corliss, professional BASE jumper and mentor. “It’s one of the few sports in the world where you make mistakes, you get killed.” Addictions take many forms. For 30-year-old Norwegian adrenaline junkie and professional BASE jumper Karina Hollekim, her addiction is danger. In Jens Hoffmann’s breathtaking documentary, the filmmaker follows the elusive extreme sport athlete for five years. Amongst spectacular landscapes in some of the most remote corners of the world, we follow Karina as she hurls herself off increasingly treacherous cliffs. Is the high worth the price when one wrong move means certain death? For Karina, the answer is a resounding yes! With the danger comes the ultimate rush, 20 seconds of blissful joy. An ecstasy unlike any other. An act of faith in defiance of death, embracing life to the fullest. The film offers stunning cinematography and a breathtaking joyride.
Sarah Whitehouse

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