1 Giant Leap

1 Giant Leap

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Travelling the world with a laptop and a digital video camera, producers Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman have created one of the grooviest music films of the year. Visiting 25 countries, the filmmakers interviewed artists, recorded music, and shot spectacular scenes from the jungles of Ghana, the mountains of Nepal, the deserts of Rajasthan and the streets of New York. The long list of participants, including Michael Stipe, Kurt Vonnegut, Brian Eno, Baaba Maal, Tom Robbins, Neneh Cherry and the Mahotella Queens, contribute to the films exploration of global sounds, rhythms, images and ideas at the dawn of the 21st century. The lightweight technology allowed the musicians to collaborate on this Grammy-nominated soundtrack, which meant that the Sarangi player in India could play to the grooves laid down a week earlier by the Ugandan drummers. Chris McDonald.

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