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Layers of fascinating contradictions inform this stylized and dynamic discourse on revolution with Hugo Chàvez’s Venezuela as our reference point. Venezuela is one of the United States’ top five suppliers of oil, but Chàvez, the democratically elected leader since 1998, is a vociferous opponent of American imperialism and has close ties with Cuba and Iran. The visionary and charismatic Chaàvez is striving to redistribute the wealth and empower the huge underclass in Venezuela, declaring Don Quixote, the quintessential dreamer and man of action, as a huge inspiration. But any belief, especially pure idealism, taken to the extreme can subvert the original cause. Against the backdrop of a gritty, pulsating, sun-drenched Caracas, Chàvez’s supporters and detractors weigh in on the new Venezuela while a finely drawn Don Quixote illustrates the guidelines for modern revolution. ¿¡Revolución!? contemplates the inherent conflicts of political victory: how does a revolutionary maintain the precarious balance between consolidating power and remaining true to ideals? In English and Spanish with English subtitles. Gisèle Gordon.

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