Citizen Sam

Citizen Sam

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Dreaming of leading his right-wing party back into power, long-serving low-profile city councillor Sam Sullivan makes a long shot bid to run for mayor in Vancouver’s last election. Added to the usual stressors of a competitive mayoral race in a major city are the practical issues Sullivan must face. As a paraplegic, it takes him a full hour to get out of his wheelchair, onto his bed and undressed. As the pressure of the campaign mounts, opponents accuse him of being a do-nothing and a nut. Some remind the media of Sullivan’s more ill-advised moves from his past, such as when he bought crack and heroin for addicts. Everyone avoids talking about his disability. In this revealing vérité documentary, strategy meetings of Sullivan’s slick campaign team share space with his trips to tanning booths and teeth bleaching sessions. All through the campaign, Sullivan’s brutally frank video diary freely divulges much that most politicians would go to great lengths to keep hidden. An unflinching portrait of a candidate under intense scrutiny. Gisèle Gordon.

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