Calling the Shots

Calling the Shots

  • Germany, UK
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  • Sacha Mirzoeff

In a part of the world where perspective dictates politics, its critical for the photojournalist to capture stories without prejudice or bias. But Reinhard Krause, the head of the Reuters photo bureau in Israel, thinks “pictures can never be completely objective, because theyre done by humans.” Every day, Krause must manage a team of Jewish and Arab photographers, helping them capture compelling stills that are persuasive but balanced, dramatic but not incendiary. Using a vivid mesh of still and moving images, documentarian Sacha Mirzoeff assembles a gritty portrait of the dangerous lives of the photographers who patrol the frontlines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As Mirzoeff follows the Reuters team through Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, the photojournalists indelible images and their personal lives become emotionally fused. As they visit the detritus left after deadly firefights and bus bombings, their public pictures take a private toll. In sum, its the macabre consequence of being the worlds window into conflict and tragedy. Brett Hendrie

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