Call of the Hummingbird

Call of the Hummingbird

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Our natural world is cracking under the strain of human consumption. In the gorgeous setting of central Brazil, a rag tag of group of 1000 permaculture experts, Rastafarians, health care workers, Hare Krishnas, NGO executives and contact improvisational dancers work towards a do-it-yourself action plan to make the world a better place in 13 days. But how can you build utopia if no one is taking out the garbage? Welcome to “Survivor” for social change addicts where consensus is the only way to make any decision. Anyone can speak. For as long as they like about whatever they want. And they do. Out of the 400 who volunteered, only a quarter actually show up to work. Culture clashes abound in a group that can’t even agree to go by the Gregorian or the Mayan calendar (significantly, the latter ends on December 21, 2012). But despite the seemingly unwieldy process, consensus slowly builds, dialogue happens, the garbage is dealt with and attitudes shift. A fascinating exploration of the challenges in organizing for social change. In English and Portuguese with English subtitles. Gisèle Gordon.

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