Breakin' In - The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer

Breakin' In - The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer

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Michelle is trying to decide between being a hip-hop dancer and going to medical school. Lindas a single mom raising her son in Regent Park, and she wants to be a superstar. Tracy is one of the best hip-hop dancers in Toronto but needs to break into the American industry. Breakin In presents a rowdy, intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the lives, dreams and damn hard work of young black women in Toronto as they hit the dance clubs hoping to be noticed by freelance agents, work on their dance routines and line up for cattle-call casting sessions. The upside for women in this multi-billion dollar industry is that it presents black women as sexy and gorgeous; the downside is that women have to negotiate the often-misogynistic world of record and video producers and decide just “how far they are willing to go” to get into a video. As one casting agent admits, “Its hip-hop! Were lookin for ass, titties… Were lookin for girls with nice bodies.” Lynne Fernie

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