Being Dorothy

Being Dorothy

  • Canada
  • 67
  • STC
  • Howard Goldberg

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz are as American as apple pie and baseball. Director Howard Goldberg follows the yellow brick road to Liberal, Kansas, the site of Dorothy’s House and the Wizard of Oz Museum. Interviews with teenage ‘Dorothys’ working as tour guides, and interpretations of the classic story by an odd collection of locals, make for a hilarious and fascinating look at how this fairytale has become synonymous with national identity. In a town now littered with Wal-Marts and gas stations, and where beef slaughter is the main industry, the obsession with Dorothy is unwavering: breakfast with the Munchkins is served at the local McDonald’s, and there’s still the contentious issue of the lack of a black Dorothy in a place where whites are the minority. An awe-inspiring alloy of Oz, Christian fundamentalism, and Republican politics, Being Dorothy is a quirky look at the belief in fairytales, and the longing for an innocence that never really existed in the American heartlands. Lynne Fernie

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