Becoming Santa

Becoming Santa

  • USA
  • 90
  • G
  • Jeff Myers
  • Jack Sanderson (Producer)
  • Jeff Myers (Producer)
  • Jeff Myers (Cinematographer)
  • Kevin Krupitzer (Cinematographer)
  • Michael Totten (Cinematographer)
  • Ruben Fernandez (Cinematographer)
  • Todd Zelin (Editor)
  • Jack Sanderson (Writer)
  • Zack Ryan (Music)
  • Bradford Craig (Sound)
  • Joe Milner (Sound)

To recapture his Christmas spirit, actor Jack Sanderson decides to become Santa Claus. He endures beard bleaching, graduates from Santa school and learns first-hand just how much responsibility and chaos surround Santa, a rock star to children the world over. Jack smiles through disorganized events and remains “on” for hours, shaking hands, cracking jokes, ringing bells and ho ho ho-ing—all while working for free. His experiences posing for pictures on the Polar Express train and as guest of honour at the 57th Quincy Christmas parade make for hilarity and delight. Part first-person exposé and part cultural history, Becoming Santa pulls back the curtain on one of society’s most enduring symbols of magic and charity, from Santa’s origins as a black saint to his latter-day role as Coca-Cola pitchman and consumer product pusher. Angie Driscoll

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