Becoming Chaz

Becoming Chaz

  • USA
  • 85
  • 14A
  • Fenton Bailey
  • Randy Barbato
  • Fenton Bailey (Producer)
  • Randy Barbato (Producer)
  • Chaz Bono (Producer)
  • Mario Panagiotopoulos (Cinematographer)
  • Huy Truong (Cinematographer)
  • Cameron Teisher (Editor)
  • David Benjamin Steinberg (Music)

Somewhere inside, Chaz felt he was a stranger in his own body as Sonny and Cher’s darling daughter, Chastity. After years of confusion and turmoil, he embraces his true identity. With candour and depth, Becoming Chaz follows him through gender transition. A tour guide on an uncharted journey, Chaz leads Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato through every step. Clinical aspects of transition, such as testosterone shots and top surgery, are humanized by intimate, confessional reflections on identity and gender. How does his transition affect his relationship with his lesbian partner? How does being the child of a superstar complicate his choices? A reluctant public figure, Chaz resists tabloid exploitation by telling his story on his own terms, trusting the integrity of the filmmakers. His honesty, charm and warmth emanate from the screen. Becoming Chaz stands out as a comprehensive, emotionally affecting and illuminating portrait of the transgender experience. Lynne Crocker

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