Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song

The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song

  • Canada, Denmark, Sweden
  • 71
  • 14A
  • Christy Garland
  • Christy Garland (Producer)
  • Louise Køster (Producer)
  • Margarete Jangård (Producer)
  • Chris Bennett (Producer)
  • Christy Garland (Cinematographer)
  • Justin Lovell (Cinematographer)
  • Ryan Randall (Cinematographer)
  • Charlotte Munch Bengtsen (Editor)
  • Tom Third (Music)
  • Peter Albrechtsen (Sound)

Muscle is a busy man. He’s a father and a merchant. He raises fighting cocks and races songbirds to bring in extra money. His 75-year-old mother, Mary, drinks to escape her traumatic past and recites poetry. After a drunken fall, Muscle confined her to their very simple home, hoping to protect her from herself. Now she spends her days sharing her prose, looking for a drink and trying to sneak away when no one is watching. As much as it’s a story about family and Muscle’s flawed but brave attempts to care for his mother, Christy Garland’s sensitive film is also a study of class struggle in Guyana. The conflict between Muscle and Mary is at once tragic and hopeful as both mother and son, despite their differences, share a resilient approach to life. If you listen carefully you realize even a sad song has its high notes. Alex Rogalski

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