Back to the Square

Back to the Square

  • Norway, Canada
  • 74
  • 14A
  • Petr Lom
  • Torstein Grude (Producer)
  • Petr Lom (Cinematographer)
  • Petr Lom (Editor)
  • Erik Andersson (Editor)
  • Petr Lom (Writer)
  • Torstein Grude (Writer)
  • Jeroen Goeijers (Sound)

Corruption, repression and military rule are still very much alive in post-revolution Egypt. In this nuanced vérité doc, the stories of five citizens from across the country’s social strata illustrate that while the streets are calm the people remain full of revolutionary zeal. “We have removed the head but the rest of the corruption is still there,” says one young Egyptian. Filming in the months after the revolution, director Petr Lom shows incredible cases of political malfeasance, military abuses of power, extortion, sexual violence and censorship that persist after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak. Back to the Square illustrates that, despite the echoes of authoritarianism that persist, the Egyptian people have a renewed sense of power and understand that the revolution is not over. Eli Horwatt

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