Bà nội

Bà nội

  • Canada
  • 85
  • G
  • Khoa Lê
  • Karine Dubois (Producer)
  • Mathieu Laverdière (Cinematographer)
  • Isabelle Darveau (Editor)
  • Gabriel Dharmoo (Music)
  • Marie-Hélène L. Delorme (Music)
  • Simon Gervais (Sound)

“You’re the last Lê in our family.
If you marry a Westerner, we’ll lose everything.
You’re the last grandson.
You are our last hope.”

The prophecy of Khoa Lê’s 93-year-old grandmother (bà nôi) burdens his unknown future and reflects the roots of his past. Born in Vietnam but raised in Canada, Lê’s homeland pilgrimage is measured parts self-portrait, ethnography and an ethereal quest for identity. His bà nôi is funny and forthright in a matriarchal manner, as one with little time to worry about what others think. Stark observations of her home life and family visits contrast visually stunning dreamlike sequences of fog-laced silhouettes and twilight vistas that echo an unpredictable path. As he celebrates New Year’s events with family traditions and rituals steeped in superstition, fortunes and horoscopes, it’s clear Lê is seeking signs of destiny as he poetically captures a soul floating between two worlds. Alexander Rogalski

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