Avec l'Amour

Avec l'Amour

  • Macedonia
  • 66
  • PG
  • Ilija Cvetkovski
  • Atanas Georgiev (Producer)
  • Dragan Pakovski (Cinematographer)
  • Samir Ljuma (Cinematographer)
  • Atanas Georgiev (Editor)
  • Atanas Georgiev (Writer)
  • Ilija Cvetkovski (Writer)
  • Foltin (Music)
  • Atanas Georgiev (Sound)
  • Aleksandar Gjorgjevic (Sound)

In his small Macedonian neighbourhood, biology teacher Dionis Pashlakovi is by far the biggest dreamer. To say he simply loves old cars does a disservice to his 100-strong collection of rust buckets. He sees his broken down Opels and Citroëns as vintage pieces from a finer era, each a rare find that he simply must have. He’s so intent on turning his field of dilapidated dreams into a museum, he even sleeps next to his wrecks instead of his wife, Goca. From her busy kitchen where she runs the cake business that bankrolls his compulsion, she takes, ahem, a different view. In front of a sympathetic camera, the two engage in a hilarious battle of marital wills, reversing the gender stereotypes of Dionis’ old-fashioned world. Set to a dazzling soundtrack by uber-hip Macedonian band Foltin, this love letter to living with passion is a film to be savoured. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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