• Mexico
  • 48
  • PG
  • Sandra Luz López Barroso

Award-winning Artemio is a beautiful and sensitive film about a mother and son navigating the world together. At the age of 10, California born and raised, Artemio must return to Mexico with his mother, Coco, who is unable to obtain an American visa. He is taken from everything he knows and must now traverse a new life, new surroundings and new language in what could be a permanent or temporary home. Coco isn’t working and Artemio isn’t in school, so together they spend their days in the quiet town of Cacalote, coping with this seismic shift in their lives. An exuberant, idealistic young boy is grounded by his wonderfully strong-willed yet loving mother as they walk side by side in a journey that is solely theirs to take together. Heather Haynes

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