Another Road Home

Another Road Home

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Filmmaker Danae Elon grew up in Jerusalem in the 1970s being loved and cared for by her mother, her father (the famous Israeli leftist author Amos Elon) and her devoted babysitter Musa. Musa was a Palestinian man with a large family who took employment from the Elons in order to send his children to school in the US and keep them safe from the conflict in his homeland. He spent 20 years with the Elon family and Danae’s memory of him is warm, but also conflicted; she remembers with pain the time Musa ironed her Israeli army uniform. The families lost touch after the Elons left Israel, but for Danae, the desire to reconnect with Musa was strong. Ten years after her last visit with him, she tracks down his children in Patterson, New Jersey. The encounter between Danae, Musa’s sons, and eventually Musa himself, brings to the surface the delicate boundaries between politics, class and family. An incredibly moving and insightful documentary. Shannon Abel

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