Another Country

Another Country

  • Australia
  • 75
  • 14A
  • Molly Reynolds
  • Rolf de Heer (Producer)
  • Matt Nettheim (Cinematographer)
  • Tania Nehme (Editor)
  • David Gulpilil (Writer)
  • Molly Reynolds (Writer)
  • James Currie (Sound)

Ramingining is a small Indigenous community about 500 kilometres east of Darwin, Australia. Now remote and isolated, it was once a strong and self-sufficient centre of Yolngu culture. But the Yolngu’s delicate balance of life was harshly derailed by white settlement and a colonial government that imposed laws and structures on a people whose lives moved in a radically different way. In this powerful visual and audio essay, we’re guided by the narration of David Gulpilil, the film’s co-writer and Australia’s finest Indigenous actor, as he reflects on his community and a lifetime spent navigating injustice. His blunt critique, set to images of life in Ramingining, provides powerful commentary with a strong undercurrent of playful yet confronting humour. He boldly challenges viewers with the notion that the continual disconnection and destruction of his culture is directly linked to colonizing attitudes that refuse to acknowledge historical wrongs. Heather Haynes

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