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This extraordinary film by Jason Young is full of surprises the first is that Young is not just a filmmaker but a farmer too. Soon after buying an abandoned farm in his native Nova Scotia, he decides that if hes going to eat meat, he should raise the animals himself. Refusing the advice of other farmers not to bond with the animals, he names them Red the Pig, Gretchen the Rabbit and Isaac the Lamb. And so the trouble begins. There are some very funny scenes with local farmers instructing him in tasks such as castration, insemination and tanning hides. At times its like watching Woody Allen trying to put lobsters in a pot. Impeccably photographed in super 16mm through four colourful seasons, and interspersed with beautiful black-and-white portraits of humans, animals and farm tools, the camera creatively avoids exploiting the details nobody wants to watch. John Walker

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