American Movie

American Movie

  • USA
  • 107
  • 14A
  • Chris Smith
  • Jim McKay (Producer)
  • Sarah Price (Producer)
  • Chris Smith (Producer)
  • Michael Stipe (Producer)
  • Jun Diaz (Editor)
  • Barry Poltermann (Editor)
  • Mike Schank (Music)

In this beloved cult classic from 1999, director Chris Smith follows the cinematic misadventures of Mark Borchardt, an aspiring indie filmmaker in the blue-collar suburbs of Milwaukee. As Mark struggles to complete Coven, a hilariously lo-fi horror film, Smith tracks his efforts to gain access to the film world and keep his personal demons at bay. With the help of local theatre actors, and $3,000 from his senile Uncle Bill, Mark and loyal sidekick Mike Schank try to use their low-budget schlockfest to launch their big screen careers—only to be derailed by Mark’s burgeoning alcoholism and the ineptitude of the family and friends on their production team. Hot Docs is proud to present this Sundance Award–winning doc in partnership with the Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking, which has named American Movie the recipient of its 2016 Legacy Award for non-fiction filmmaking. Will Di Novi

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