America at War

America at War

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  • Michael Maclear

Michael Maclear shows America’s victory and heroism in the Second World War as the trigger for subsequent wars of nationalism the US would not understand nor win. Taken from three powerful films, this programme presents visually stunning and graphic accounts of lost idealism and corruption.
America at War features sections from:

* “Green Hell” from American Caesar, Maclear’s series on US General MacArthur. Masterfully re-editing archival footage, Maclear and his team show the effect of the devastating battles the US fought in the South Pacific against the Japanese;
* “Siege of Khe Sahn” from Vietnam: The 10,000 Day War, a skillful look at the Vietnam War and a costly battle during the height of the conflict; and
* Part Three of Acts of War: A Bitter Peace, which analyzes the first war in Iraq using broadcast footage and interviews. The two main contestants, George Bush Senior and Saddam Hussein, appear as heartless leaders insensitive to those who perish during wars: women, children and soldiers ill-prepared to fight.
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